Restore & Maintain Heathy Feet

DuraCornum Complete Hoof Protection

For All Horses In All Environments

DuraCornum by Equinsec (patent pending)

4 Tiers of Complete Hoof Care - For All Environments

External Moisture Absorption Shield (Wet Environments)

  • Hydrophobic barrier weatherproofs complete hoof
  • Shields against soft, spongy, wet, water logged hooves
  • Reduces micro-crack pathogen entry points
  • Sealing aid against abscesses, infection, thrush, seedy toe

Internal Moisture Balance (For Dry Environments)

  • Breathable
  • Supplements degraded periople, minimizing internal moisture loss
  • Fights flaky, cracked, dry, brittle hooves
  • Improves exfoliation

Horses Get Harder Hooves & tougher Soles

  • Encapsulates complete hoof
  • Increases hoof hardness & sole toughness
  • Minimizes cracking and chipping
  • Reduces sore/stingy soles

DuraCornum Gives Your Horse Cleaner Hooves

  • Repels mud, manure, urine, synthetic arena/track surfaces
  • Deters balling on sole/frog improving continual comfort
  • Self-cleaning properties reduce necessary picking
  • Show dressing shine

At EquinSec, we are dedicated to creating and delivering innovative and unique solutions to common problems that currently challenge equine hoof care. Our passion at EquinSec is to improve the quality of life on a daily basis for horses. We are committed to offering easy-to-use, cost-effective results for preserving and maintaining tough, strong hooves. EquinSec products are field tested by veterinarians, farriers, trainers, and academic professionals. Our brand is leveraging some of the best chemistry available to support and maintain equine feet in all climates and conditions and combat dry horse hooves.

Factoid: EquinSec got its name from the Latin word “Equus” which means horse and the French word “Sec” which means dry. The DuraCornum (Hard Hoof) product line name was created by merging the Latin words “Dura” meaning hard and “Cornum” meaning hoof.

Here's what the professionals have to say!

"Maintain Proper Internal Hoof Moisture Levels"

I found that it has a unique ability to regulate & maintain proper internal hoof moisture levels. In wet conditions it prevents natural moisture and in dry conditions it prevents natural moisture from exiting. DuraCornum promotes proper hoof care to the benefit of the horse by supplementing the Periople shield (natural moisture repellent) to …Read More

-Michael T. Savoldi, Resident Farrier, Educator & Lecturer

"This product is a tremendous aid"

I have used this product on several of the thoroughbred mares at the Kentucky Division of Coolmore Stud. DuraCornum has greatly helped maintain tough, resilient soles and walls even during the wet and muddy months of the year. This product is a tremendous aid in the maintaining of strong healthy feet.…Read More

-R.F. “Ric” Redden, DVM, Farrier & Educator

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