Q: What is DuraCornum Moisture Control System?

DuraCornum Moisture Control System was created to provide continual protection for Hoof Sole, Frog & Wall to toughen soles, harden hooves and weatherproof hooves. It is designed as an ultra-fast drying protective system to encapsulate the complete hoof (wall, sole, frog & buttress) with a single product. The DC Moisture Control System is low viscosity (thin like water) which allows the formula to penetrate and help fill in micro cracks which in turn assists in reducing the pathway for external pathogens/contaminants from entering the hoof. By dramatically reducing external moisture intrusion (wet/dry cycles, foot soakings, aquatic treadmills, urine, manure, mud, snow, synthetic track materials, bedding), it serves as a protective barrier to boost/support the natural defense system of the hoof against infection.

Q: Is DuraCornum a good value?

With an average of less than a $1.50/day, is it worth it to keep your horse's feet truly protected? DuraCornum user feedback says yes, because DuraCornum WORKS. Superior performance with only a single necessary application per week—YOU SAVE TIME. By replacing multiple topical hoof products while maintaining strong, durable hooves in between trimmings—YOU SAVE MONEY.

Q: What is DuraCornum?

DuraCornum is a 2-part Acrylic system 

Does DuraCornum contain any harmful substances? No. Our product is free from formaldehyde, toluene,turpentine, iodine, betadine, peroxide, and copper sulfate.

Q: Why choose DuraCornum?

The team at EquinSec has worked closely with over 100 well-known industry experts since 2013 to prove DuraCornum’s efficacy, including: veterinarians, farriers, thoroughbred and show trainers, training farms, rehab clinics, and owners across the USA. We encourage you to read more about what these experts say at

Q: What is the history of DuraCornum Moisture Control System?

EquinSec personnel have worked closely with some well-known industry experts. Since 2013, over 100 combined veterinarians, farriers, thoroughbred & show trainers, training farms, rehab clinics and owners spanning across the USA have participated in the program. Our TESTIMONIALS page on the EquinSec website provides insight from veterinarian hall of famers, farriers, scholastics, thoroughbred trainers and horse owners.

Q: How often can I apply the DuraCornum Moisture Control System?

The product was initially created to be a preventative maintenance product for continual year-round hoof protection to save time and money by only applying it once per week. For hooves that are not in good shape, after working closely with veterinarians, the product is also being utilized as a beneficial aid daily (for a certain number of days) to assist in the recovery of sore soles, thin soles, seedy toe, white lines disease, thrush and laminitis by providing a moisture barrier and repelling many external environmental contaminants.

Q: Does the DuraCornum Moisture Control System contain Formaldehyde?

No. The Moisture Control System does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, turpentine, iodine, betadine, peroxide or copper sulfate.

Q: How thick do I need to apply the DuraCornum Moisture Control System?

The DuraCornum Moisture Control System is low viscosity (thin like water) which allows the formula to penetrate and to fill in micro cracks which in turn substantially negates the delivery system of harmful environmental contaminants. The protective barrier sealer should be applied in a very thin layer without it running off of the hoof. PLEASE REFER TO THE QUICK APPLICATION GUIDE & VIDEO.

Q: How soon do I paint on STEP #2 after applying STEP #1 of DuraCornum Moisture Control System?

The product was intentionally designed to assist the veterinarian, farrier and caretaker by reducing the amount of time the foot stays off the ground so STEP #2 was created to go directly over STEP #1 while it is still wet. In fact, by painting STEP #2 immediately after STEP #1 while it is still wet, ensures maximum performance of the product. PLEASE REFER TO THE QUICK APPLICATION GUIDE & VIDEO.

Q: How soon can I put the foot down after applying STEP #1 and then STEP #2 of DuraCornum Moisture Control System?

The 2-step system was made to apply and dry in seconds. The hoof can be placed back to the ground within 30 seconds after painting on STEP #2.

Q: Where does the DuraCornum name come from?

The DuraCornum (Hard Hoof) product line name was created by merging the Latin words “Dura” meaning hard and “Cornum” meaning hoof.

Q: Where can I buy DuraCornum products?

Click on the WHERE TO BUY tab on the website to locate our distributors.

Q: What type of payment do you accept?

EquinSec accepts Visa, MasterCard & American Express. Actual distributors may accept additional methods of payment.

Q: Where do you ship?

Currently online orders are only shipped to addresses in the U.S. due to the credit card verification process. We have distributors all over the world and will ship anywhere, but overseas orders must be made by calling.

Q: There are no distributors in my area. How do I go about buying the product?

EquinSec can most likely ship directly to you if you cannot locate a distributor in your area.