As a horse owner, you know the ins and outs of taking care of your animals, and are capable of administering certain medical care on a regular basis. You also control their diet and provide them with space to run and exercise, but if a serious health concern arises, you know that it’s best to turn to your local veterinarian for help. Regardless of if you shoe your horses or not, it’s important to have your vet regularly inspect their hooves for moisture problems and other maladies. Many rural veterinarians own horses themselves, and understand that products such as DuraCornum are essential to hoof care.

One of the first signs of hoof problems is an altered gait for your horse, where they’re not landing properly on their feet. Their toe may land first to avoid pain, and this could be due to spongy or sore hooves. If you ride your horses for ranch work, they could become unsettled and not want to move where and how you want them to. DuraCornum protects the hooves from excess moisture and repels mud, urine, and other substances found in horse pens. Dr. Suzan Seelye, a veterinarian in the Pacific Northwest, uses DuraCornum on her horses and recommends it to all her clients. With all the rain that that region gets, it’s important for owners to keep up with proper hoof care.

Our products are non-toxic, so you can feel safe about using them weekly on your horse’s hooves. As a veterinarian or an owner, you can feel better knowing that you’re putting something safe and effective on your animals, and that there’s no negative impact on their body or the environment. If your horse has suffered a hoof injury, DuraCornum can help with healing, and a vet will be able to recommend the best regimen for full recovery.