If your horses spend a majority of their time in a pasture or outdoor enclosure, they will experience every type of weather, especially if your climate has four distinct seasons. Your horses’ hooves encounter both wet and dry conditions, and if you have a particularly soggy spell, it’s important to check your animals even long after the water has receded. If you don’t regularly shoe your horses, or have never put shoes on them, their hooves can absorb that excess water, and the periople – the soft band of tissue over the wall of the hoof – can swell and cause problems for your animals. With the proper hoof care for your horses from Equinsec, you can keep their hooves healthy, no matter if you use your horses for riding, roping, or working cattle.

Certain areas of the country see more rain than others, and if you live in a wet climate, it can be beneficial to have a sheltered spot for your horses. Whether it’s a barn, outbuilding, or overhang near your windbreak, providing a dry spot can promote healthier hooves and happier horses. If your horse’s’ hooves experience a drastic wet/dry cycle, painting DuraCornum on them weekly will strengthen hooves and prevent softening or disintegration. Soggy hooves can lead to a host of issues, and your horse’s quality of life will quickly diminish if they’re unable to walk or trot without pain.

Provide proper hoof care for your horses in all kinds of weather with a plentiful supply of DuraCornum. When the rains come, neither you nor your horse will have to worry.