Cracked hooves are frustrating for horse owners! While a quick fix would obviously be the best but the reality is that you will be playing a long waiting game to get it right. While you are waiting you will be fighting a battle to keep the damage from getting worse while a new hoof develops. This whole situation could have been avoided with our horse hoof care products. When a horse owner is dealing with a cracked hoof, they will need to consider two important questions: is the condition of the hoof due to the poor growth quality or have environmental factors caused the deterioration. A healthy horse eating an adequate diet with plenty of grass should be producing strong hoof growth. If the health of the animal is less than ideal. it is possible that production of a strong hoof wall could be compromised.

Environmental factors are likely to play some part in the development of cracks. Some wet conditions create problems while others result from a dry hoof. It is essential that any cracking or splitting be taken care of immediately. If the problem progresses too far up the hoof wall, or the crack gets to deep, the chances of infection are greatly increased. Once controlled, it is only a matter of letting the damage grow out. There are many hoof products on the market that claim to benefit the hoof by direct application. Our product speaks for itself! Visit our testimonials page and see for yourself what our customers are saying about how effective it is.