Horse owners should constantly be on the lookout for hoof problems in their animals, and one issue that can be especially damaging is seedy toe. Seedy toe occurs when the hoof wall separates from the laminae at the white wall, and allows the cavity to fill with dirt and debris. If your farrier or veterinarian notices this cavity near the toe, it’s important to have it treated as soon as possible. With DuraCornum products, you can protect against seedy toe and potentially save your horse from lameness and other problems.

Equinsec products are designed to prevent against hoof problems such as seedy toe, and without them, these issues can become serious problems. While a farrier may be able to clean out the cavity caused by seedy toe, there may be too much damage already done to the hoof.  The hoof can be rebuilt and regrown, but riding or galloping could be impossible for some time, if not forever. By applying DuraCornum each week and providing clean and dry conditions in their stable, your horse can be saved from seedy toe. Regular hoof trimming and shoeing is also important.

If you’ve had horses that have suffered from seedy toe and other hoof ailments, adding DuraCornum to your tack room can make a vast difference. You want your animals to be as healthy as possible and for horses, hoof health is of the utmost importance. By spraying or painting on Equinsec products, your horses will feel like running and exercising all the time!