I am going to continue using it.

My 11 year old Friesian mare, Klazina, suddenly came down with White Line Disease on both front hooves. The farrier had to remove most of her hooves to get completely rid of the White Line. It is going to take a year for her hooves to grow completely back. During this time she can only be hand walked and cannot trot, run or cantor. One of the causes of White Line is the hooves being wet too long and not drying. This causes bacteria to form. My veterinarian attended a seminar in Salt Lake City recently and heard of your product, DuraCornum. She said it got rave reviews by other veterinarians and she recommended I try it since putting it on the hooves seals them from moisture and wetness. I’ve been using it 3 weeks now and her hooves are dry. Since it is doing what I need it to do, I believe I am going to continue using it.

Gail P., Horse Owner, California