Walk and trot with no hint of lameness

My horse is a Prix St George level dressage horse. Four weeks ago, she was diagnosed with an abscess and the moisture that got under her hoof pad caused her sole to be soft and flaky. She was pretty lame for a couple of weeks, so much so, we ended up taking x-rays and blocking. From the radiographs, we learned that in addition to the softness, her sole was also thin. Based on this, my vet recommended DuraCornum as one of the treatments. I went ahead and purchased it. After the second application, my horse started to walk and trot with no hint of lameness. We originally thought we would need to wait at least another four weeks before we could shoe her, but instead we were able to cut that time in half. I couldn’t be happier.

Gülüm Ӧzbey-Williams, Prix St George level dressage horse Owner