Saving us a fortune.

Chris we had a filly go through a lifesaving surgery. The main concern after surgery was going to be founder. We aggressively applied DuraCornum 5 treatments in 5 days. We feel as a result of the products ability to control the moisture in her feet gave us the ability to ice her feet 2x a day without the feet becoming brittle or too soft from all the water. 3 months later the filly continues using DuraCornum 1x a week and her feet have not been a concern. We also had a horse with glue ons. After 1 month of DuraCornum we were able to use regular shoes saving us a fortune. Thank you for introducing me to your product it has become part of our hoof care program.

Matt Chew, Chew Racing Stables, Thoroughbred Trainer, So. California Racetracks