We are very pleased with the product

When I purchased Ty in 2014 his feet were long, flared, and flat with very thin soles and walls (x-rays confirmed). Over the past year, I have been working with my farrier to improve the condition of Ty’s feet with frequent trims/shoeing every 4-6 weeks. The farrier and I both felt as though Ty has made tremendous progress but still has a way to go. In May, my farrier recommended I try DuraCornum to balance the moisture and to assist in the overall improvement of his feet. We live in St. Louis and the weather changes constantly from wet to dry and this seemed to slow the progress. Since I have started using DuraCornum 6 weeks ago, there has been an improvement to the overall health of Ty’s feet. Ty’s walls are thicker and tougher – we are very pleased with the product. Ty will not go without DuraCornum. Thank you!

Michelle P., Horse Owner, St. Louis, Missouri