1. We now use DuraCornum on all our horses in training and I would highly recommend this product to anyone

    Last season in Florida, one of my top international horses became sore in both front feet due to moisture that combined with pads caused his sole to become thin and very sensitive.  Upon getting him back to my home base and up to my vet Dr. Tracy Turner (Anoka Equine), he suggested that we try a new product call DuraCornum.  In addition, we decided to remove the pads all together. This was the …Read More

    Missy Fladland, Dressage Trainer, La Riata Ranch
  2. Very pleased with the results

    I am having great results with the product and my farrier is very pleased with the results.…Read More

    Amy K., Horse Owner, Indiana
  3. Critical tool in our work to help horses have strong healthy feet

    As a farrier working in the Northeast USA, a very wet humid climate, we often battle soft, sensitive feet which are prone to thin soles and flares.  By using DuraCornum regularly, our horses have stronger, tougher feet that maintain a thicker sole and resist flaring.  DuraCornum is a critical tool in our work to help horses have strong healthy feet.”…Read More

    Daisy Bicking (Farrier) DEP, APF, CFGP, CLS
  4. best product on the market!

    I put DuraCornum to the test on some of the most difficult feet in my practice: from excessive moisture due to daily hosing to thin soles, using DuraCornum regularly, stopped the hoof wall from peeling away and toughened the soles making No feet into Show feet. Best product on the market!…Read More

    Garrett Maloney, AFA Certified Journeyman Farrier
  5. helped keep the feet from getting too soggy and falling apart

    The weather here in MI has been wet and muddy. DuraCornum seems to have helped keep the feet from getting too soggy and falling apart.…Read More

    Duncan Peters, DVM, ACVSMR, East-West Sports Medicine, Lexington, KY
  6. Thank you for creating a green product that will help horses!

    I had been searching for a product for a couple years that could help protect the feet from the excessive moisture we have in the Pacific NW and the medical problems that arise from that. As a holistic veterinarian, I am conscious of the toxic load of our environment on the horse's health and wanted a product that didn't add to that load for either horse or human. I was impressed with what I saw i…Read More

    Dr. Suzan Seelye, DVM, CVA, CVTP
  7. Walk and trot with no hint of lameness

    My horse is a Prix St George level dressage horse. Four weeks ago, she was diagnosed with an abscess and the moisture that got under her hoof pad caused her sole to be soft and flaky. She was pretty lame for a couple of weeks, so much so, we ended up taking x-rays and blocking. From the radiographs, we learned that in addition to the softness, her sole was also thin. Based on this, my vet recommen…Read More

    Gülüm Ӧzbey-Williams, Prix St George level dressage horse Owner
  8. This is an excellent product.

    I have been very happy with the DuraCornum moisture system. We have used it on a variety of different feet and in my opinion the product has performed well in preserving these feet. Minnesota has a harsh environment which can challenge horses' feet but this in an excellent product to combat that.…Read More

    Tracy A. Turner, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVS
  9. This product is a tremendous aid

    have used this product on several of the thoroughbred mares at the Kentucky Division of Coolmore Stud. DuraCornum has greatly helped maintain tough, resilient soles and walls even during the wet and muddy months of the year. This product is a tremendous aid in the maintaining of strong healthy feet.…Read More

    R.F. “Ric” Redden, DVM, Farrier & Educator
  10. Maintain Proper Internal Hoof Moisture Levels

    I found that it has a unique ability to regulate & maintain proper internal hoof moisture levels. In wet conditions it prevents natural moisture and in dry conditions it prevents natural moisture from exiting. DuraCornum promotes proper hoof care to the benefit of the horse by supplementing the Periople shield (natural moisture repellent) to assist in preventing moisture leaving the hoof.…Read More

    Michael T. Savoldi, Resident Farrier, Educator & Lecturer