1. It Has a Unique Ability

    Last year, EquinSec developed a new 2 step chemistry for the Equine community… DuraCornum. I found that it has a unique ability to regulate & maintain proper internal hoof moisture levels. In wet climates, it restricts intrusion and in dry conditions it prevents natural moisture from exiting. This caused the hoof to become resilient in Dry conditions and hard in Wet climates. The improved co…Read More

    Michael T. Savoldi, Resident Farrier (Retired), Educator & Lecturer
  2. Very effective.

    About the product, so far I have been having great success with horses that are spending time outside. Also, I see a lot of improvement with the horses we have been swimming in the pool. In one particular case, I saw the difference the product made in hardening a horse’s hooves that were initially soft. I find this product to be very effective.…Read More

    Victor Torres, KESMARC
  3. Offers a great barrier.

    DuraCornum offers a great barrier for protecting the hooves on racehorses. I have had all positive experiences with the horses I use it on.…Read More

    Phil D’Amato, Thoroughbred Trainer, So. California Racetracks
  4. Saving us a fortune.

    Chris we had a filly go through a lifesaving surgery. The main concern after surgery was going to be founder. We aggressively applied DuraCornum 5 treatments in 5 days. We feel as a result of the products ability to control the moisture in her feet gave us the ability to ice her feet 2x a day without the feet becoming brittle or too soft from all the water. 3 months later the filly continues using…Read More

    Matt Chew, Chew Racing Stables, Thoroughbred Trainer, So. California Racetracks
  5. Stakes Winner

    You had a Stakes Winner use the product for shelly hoof.…Read More

    Matt Chew, Chew Racing Stables, Thoroughbred Trainer, So. California Racetracks
  6. Pleased with the results so far.

    I have been pleased with the results so far. Hooves definitely stay cleaner, which is nice because we make a point to pick feet every day on any mares that come up. Additionally, I have not had an abscess on any of the mares I have been treating for the last few weeks. I suppose this could be a coincidence, but I doubt it. The DuraCornum does seem to help with hoof management. DuraCornum will be a…Read More

    Bryan Lyster, Ashview Farms, Kentucky
  7. Happy and healthy.

    DuraCornum kept our horses' soles tough enough to hold up to working on the hard surfaces at Thermal! I believe that this product had a large part in bringing our horses back from the circuit happy and healthy.…Read More

    Laura Mayfield Gerst, Windy Hill Equestrians, Trainer & Owner, Hunters and Jumpers
  8. Seeing less thrush since using it.

    Check out this product called DuraCornum by EquinSec. It seals the foot and creates a very tough surface. I used it on all of the horses going to Thermal and very few ended up sore footed (miracle). It seals in the natural moisture in the foot and seals out the moisture from mud, rain, baths, etc. I also found that it repels the sand and the footing doesn’t get so packed in their feet. I am also…Read More

    Laura Mayfield Gerst, Windy Hill Equestrians, Trainer & Owner, Hunters and Jumpers
  9. Helping To Identify Sole Thickness For My Trim

    I have enjoyed working with this product and have had great success with the soles and hoof wall as a moisture sealant. I have a Warm Blood Garwood who is having great success with this product. I have also found it helpful with the exfoliation of the sole as far as helping to identify sole thickness for my trim.…Read More

    Alan Maraviglia, Farrier
  10. I am going to continue using it.

    My 11 year old Friesian mare, Klazina, suddenly came down with White Line Disease on both front hooves. The farrier had to remove most of her hooves to get completely rid of the White Line. It is going to take a year for her hooves to grow completely back. During this time she can only be hand walked and cannot trot, run or cantor. One of the causes of White Line is the hooves being wet too long a…Read More

    Gail P., Horse Owner, California