American Farriers Journal – Hoof Coatings, Dressings & Wound Care Product Roundup 2015

DURACORNUM Moisture Control System 
DURACORNUM (Latin for “Durable Hoof”) is unlike any topical hoof treatment available. Developed to provide hooves with total wet/dry-cycle protection, DURACORNUM delivers the professional performance needed to combat hoof softening, support proper internal moisture balance, repel foreign contamination and strengthen hooves — in all seasons and all weather conditions. Use DURACORNUM to beat the heat this summer and maintain balanced natural internal moisture levels to fight dry, cracked, flaky, brittle hooves!

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DURACORNUM’s 4-Tiers of Protection

  • Internal Moisture Balance in Dry Environments
    • Breathable protective system
    • Fights flaky, cracked, dry, brittle hooves
    • Improves exfoliation
    • Supplements Periople shield, minimizing internal moisture loss
  • Harder Hooves and Tougher Soles
    • Encapsulates complete hoof
    • Increases hoof hardness and sole toughness
    • Minimizes cracking/chipping
    • Reduces sore/stingy soles
  • External Moisture Barrier in Wet Environments
    • Weatherproofs complete hoof
    • Shields against soft, spongy, wet, waterlogged hooves
    • Reduces micro-crack pathogen entry points
    • Sealing aid against abscesses, infection, thrush, seedy toe
  • Cleaner Hooves
    • Repels mud, manure, urine, synthetic arena/track surfaces
    • Deters balling on sole area, improving continual comfort
    • Self-cleaning properties reduce picking
    • Show dressing shine